Close-loop intelligent management system for full supply chain consumables
Supply chain synergy

Close-loop intelligent management system for full supply chain consumables

Apply IoT, data platform, intelligent hardware and other technologies to manage the entire process of hospital consumables in a refined way, establish IoT intelligent management featuring "One code for one item" and dual system verification, achieve the traceability of the entire process, optimize the inventory of hospital consumables, and lower the overall cost of hospital consumables.

System advantages
  • Efficient and safe

    Quickly count the number of consumables in stock, monitor during the full validity period, eliminate expired consumables, and ensure the safety of clinical use.

  • Full closed loop management

    According to the coding management rules of the Information Department of the hospital, each consumable is provided with an "unique code" for the record of the entire process including storage, fetching, return, use, inventory, and billing.

  • Quick deployment, flexible collocation

    The system supports a variety of modes of placing consumables and can be connected to the HIS, the consumable management system, as well as the sub-cabinets through the main cabinet.

  • Authority management

    Safe and convenient finger vein login is specially designed for medical staff

  • Real-time statistics

    Connect with HIS billing, avoid missed payments and consumables, and manage the full process

  • Consignment model

    Put consumables status online, avoid losing accurate inventory, and adjust supply flexibly

  • Connect to SPD system

    Connect to the HIS and the material management system, and manage department materials separately

  • Intelligent return of goods

    Ensure the accurate quantity of consumables for departments and suppliers

  • Generate reports automatically

    Significantly shorten the time of consumable management and enhance work efficiency