Lachesis has a distinctive design style, adheres to the minimalist design concept, and pursues the ultimate beauty. Refuse to stand on the past. Slip the leash of the existing product forms. Be brave to enable better and newer designs. Let brave design truly change health care. Seek the best balance between subversion and inheritance. Stay close to clinical applications. Let the designer know themselves better than users.

  • Superb

    For the principles of design, we strictly implement and pursue the almost perfect craftsmanship. This is the secret why every smart device shimmers with irresistible charm. We care about, carefully polish and repeatedly test every detail of craftsmanship. Each component is perfectly coordinated and integrated as one, with each screw matched exactly, each wire arranged orderly, and each caster wear-resistant and shockproof.


We adhere to independent R&D and innovation, master the key technologies used in Wise Information Technology of 120 (WIT120), create profound and perfect smart technologies through technological innovation, let technology lead the industry to reform, and let innovations in clinical applications benefit the public.


We break down barriers and borders and eliminate isolated islands of information, so that the originally independent information systems can exchange data on a unified platform. Constant innovations and upgrades allow users to continuously experience the happiness and efficiency brought by smart technologies during use.