Bedside Nursing Solution
Three checks and seven scans Closed loop management and continuous improvement of the whole nursing process Reduce nursing errors and ensure patient safety
Bedside Nursing Solution

Hospitals are exposed with short of nurses, heavy workload, and tedious work. The overburdened and error-prone daily inspection has indirectly led to the unstable quality of medical care. By virtue of intelligent means, nurses can perform bedside care more conveniently, make less trips between the nurse station and wards, and truly lay more stress on patients.

Based on core technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, mobile applications and data integration, Lachesis is seamlessly connected with Hospital Information System (HIS). Nurse can use Nurse Digital Assistant (NDA) and mobile nurse stations to upload nursing information to the system at the bedside, thus realizing the intelligentization of clinical nursing business and nursing management. Intelligent verification and execution have reduced nursing errors, ensured patient safety, upgraded the efficiency of nursing work and service quality, and improved patient satisfaction.

  • Intelligent clinical nursing services

    Barcode-based management is conducted for the entire process of clinical nursing business. Nurses use the NDA to realize intelligent scanning and verification and the mobile nurse stations to transcribe nursing documents, which has reduced personnel contact, ensured medical safety, and upgraded the efficiency of nursing work.

  • Scientific nursing quality management

    The mobile nursing information system establishes real-time, dynamic and accurate statistical analysis on nursing data, provides hospitals with a scientific basis to evaluate their nursing performance, and incorporates clinical nursing management into the hospital-wide information management system.

  • Upgrade the rating of electronic medical records

    The rating of electronic medical records is a key indicator for the achievements of hospital information construction. The construction of the mobile nursing information system has promoted electronic medical records to shift from a desktop application to a mobile application, upgraded the rating of hospital electronic medical record, and optimized the processes of hospital management.

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