• Bedside Nursing Solution

    Rely on core technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, mobile applications and data integration, seamlessly connect to the Hospital Information System (HIS), use Nurse Digital Assistant (NDA) and mobile nurse stations to upload nursing information to the system at the bedside, intelligentize clinical nursing operations and nursing management, conduct intelligent verification and execution to reduce nursing errors and ensure patients’ safety, upgrade the work efficiency and quality of nursing services, and improve patients’ satisfaction.

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  • Smart Ward Interactive Solution

    Take the smart ward interactive platform as the information coordination hub; break through the space boundaries of nurse stations, corridors and wards; synchronously share patients' basic information, disease conditions, risk factors, nursing priorities and other data in real time; facilitate the interconnection of hospital information and the efficient operation of the hospital, and make the communication among doctors, nurses and patients more timely and convenient.

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  • IoT Platform Solution

    A hospital-wide medical IoT platform has been built based on the hospital Bluetooth IoT. Through the application of the hospital-wide intelligent ambulance management, equipment intelligent positioning, infusion monitoring and management, real-time upload and analysis of sign data, etc., this solution has facilitated hospitals in integrating "management, control and operation” and improving the overall operation and management level of hospitals.

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  • Smart Ward Solution

    Take the smart ward interactive platform as the core, rely on advanced technologies such as big data, Internet of Things and AI, break the isolated islands of information of the wards, issue early warnings in time, monitor risks in real time, make inquiries at any time, ensure medical safety, upgrade the working efficiency of medical staff, improve patients’ experience in seeking medical advice, lower the hospitals’ cost of information management, and create more medical service value for the hospitals.

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