Remote Consultation Vehicle

Bedside remote real-time consultation

  • 5G HD transmission

  • dual-screen design

Remote Consultation Cart

Lachesis Remote Consultation Vehicle supports 5G network applications and carries the medical record information of patients. Doctors in hospitals can push the remote consultation vehicle to the patients’ bedside so that experts can conduct consultations at the bedside of ICU/special patients. The chief physician outside hospitals can make remote ward rounds of patients via video, driving the downward movement of high-quality medical resources.

Dual-screen HD display

Facilitate experts to view patient information in a remote way and exchange opinions via video

Remote diagnosis and treatment

With the panoramic diagnosis and treatment information of patients as the core, a remote consultation information system is constructed to support mobile consultation, multidisciplinary consultation, ICU/special patient bedside consultation, etc.

High-performance configurations

Equipped with a high-performance computer, this vehicle can be turned on and off quickly with one key. Turn on the medical care software with one click. Less waiting. Higher efficiency. The new-generation smart-WiFi performance optimization solution: further enhance WiFi signal; support 2.4G/5G dual-band network; seamless and secure roaming. Built-in mobile power and long battery life enable the vehicle to move freely in wards.

The new-generation smart-WiFi performance optimization solution

  • further enhance WiFi signal

  • support 2.4G/5G dual-band network

  • seamless and secure roaming