Multifunctional Nursing Trolley MT512
Change as needed

Simplify the complex, light and handy

Change the appearance of traditional nursing trolleys and bring more practicality. This trolley is light in weight, small in size, and free from space restrictions. They can flexibly shuttle among various beds, and be easily pushed by nurses with one hand.

Accessories on demand

Innovative structural design: You can install required accessories in any combination according to different nursing needs. Through the free combination of accessories, the multifunctional nursing trolley can help nurses complete intravenous infusion, injection, medicine distribution, and replacement of drainage devices at bedside.

All-in-one antibacterial countertop

With a more reasonable height design, nurses can write notes comfortably on the countertop. The all-in-one antibacterial countertop is easy to clean, and large enough to place the medicines and nursing tools used in daily treatment. A tray is added to carry more nursing tools and vital signs collection equipment.

Damping guide rails, anti-noise drawers

Damping guide rails feature favorable cushioning performance. Even if a drawer is pushed hard, it will be closed gently, softly and silently, creating more intimate and comfortable experience.

Ultra-quiet anti-skid anti-winding casters

Imported casters, flexible rolling and no noise. The new anti-skid and anti-winding design can prevent the winding of thread and other debris from causing unsteady rotation during use, so that the multi-functional treatment vehicle can be easily and flexibly implemented.