Smart ward interaction platform
Interactive integration

Smart ward interaction platform

As an information integration and coordination center for wards, the smart ward interactive platform integrates multiple information systems in the hospital to realize data interconnection in the hospital. The platform integrates scattered nursing data and displays it on a large smart screen. Medical staff can view the ward situation, patient information, infusion status, and surgical progress in real time through the large smart screen to realize active risk detection, timely warning, and early intervention, To ensure the timeliness, consistency and comprehensiveness of medical information, simplify the work process, and improve the quality of ward management.

Carrying six business scenarios
Ward dynamic monitoring and early warning events
Sign monitoring
Infusion monitoring
Pharmaceuticals, consumables and equipment management
Perioperative management
Clinical benefit
  • Information interconnection

    Improve the efficiency of medical care

  • Unified monitoring and reminder

    Improve medical safety

  • Simplify workflow

    Improve the quality of ward management