Smart Ward Solution
Realize timely warning of early warning information, Turn the after-treatment into active discovery beforehand, Effective supervision during the event and post-event feedback improvement.
Smart Ward Solution

Internet, IoT, big data and other information technologies are integrated with health care. The information-based construction of hospitals has entered a new stage. The construction of smart hospitals has become the major trend of modern hospital construction.

Proceeding from the top-level design of hospitals, Lachesis starts the construction of smart hospitals from smart wards. This solution takes the smart ward interactive platform as the core, relies on advanced technologies such as big data, IoT and AI, and breaks the isolated islands of information to issue early warnings in time, monitor risks in real time and make inquiries at any time, so as to ensure medical safety, raise the working efficiency of medical staff, improve patients’ medical experience, reduce the cost of hospital information management, and create more medical service value for hospitals.

  • Central monitoring and risk early warning

    Keep current on changes in patients’ conditions at any times without direct contact with patients, reduce the risk of personnel contact and cross infection, and monitor, assess and warn the risks of fever diseases in real time.

  • Safe and convenient intelligent medical care

    Barcode-based management of the whole process of clinical nursing facilitates hospitals to construct a closed-loop management system for nursing quality and ensure medical safety. The centralized storage and real-time analysis of massive medical data can assist doctors in rounds of wards, teaching and scientific research.

  • Accurate and efficient smart operation

    Manage medicines and equipment in wards in a refined way, lower medical costs and risks, help hospitals establish a hospital-wide intelligent management system for medicines and consumables, and implement the top-level overall planning for the construction of smart hospitals.

  • Efficient operation and maintenance, remote management

    Remote unified configuration and maintenance management lowers the probability of exposure to viruses, reduces the work intensity of operation and maintenance personnel, and makes operation, maintenance and management more efficient and safe.