Smart Station DS826
Change as needed

Change as needed. Free combination
Adapt to multiple clinical business scenarios

The mobile station integrates technology into innovative design, subverts the inherent product shape, and takes on an entirely new appearance and user experience. The transformers series of smart mobile stations adheres to Lachesis's "minimalism" design concept, and features standardized accessories, customized products, and stable and reliable product performance, thus being able to better meet your personalized needs, help medical staff realize mobile rounds of wards and teaching, bedside nursing and health education, and decrease the work intensity of medical staff.

Lighter and easier to push
Easily shuttle through narrow aisles

The station features more sophisticated material selection and integrated design, and its total weight is reduced to less than 30KG. While meeting business needs, it is 30% lighter and 10% smaller than similar products. Medical staff can easily push it between two beds with one hand, freely shuttle through narrow aisles and wards, and perform operations at patients’ bedside.

Hard core performance. Top-speed experience
Less waiting for medical care

A station is equipped with a high-performance computer that can be quickly powered on and off with one key. You can click to instantly open the health care software with less waiting time and higher efficiency. A new generation of smart-WiFi performance optimization solution is provided to further enhance the WiFi signal; support 2.4G/5G dual-band network; realize seamless and safe roaming. In the corners of corridors or enclosed wards, medical staff can use smart mobile stations to perform operations smoothly.

Freely adjust the height and viewing angle
More convenient and comfortable clinical use

Ergonomic design: Freely adjust the height up and down. The monitor can rotate freely at all angles, and the arms can also be flexibly raised and lowered. In the teaching of rounds of the wards or health education at bedside, the display can be adjusted to the appropriate angle and height, making it more comfortable to watch.

Break through limitations. Extraordinary intelligent manufacturing

1. All-vehicle cable hidden design 2. Arc countertop without sharp angles 3. Ultra-quiet anti-skid tangle-free casters

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