Nurse Digital Assistant (NDA)
For nurses’ back and waist

Top-level eight-core. Touch and go

Lachesis Nurse Digital Assistant (NDA) Nr510-ST8 is equipped with eight-core 2.1GHz processor, with an efficiency of 74% higher than the previous generation, power consumption reduced by 35%, 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI, and seamless and safe roaming.

Slim yet stunning

In a palm-sized space

Seek a better reading size

  • Ultra-narrow bezel design

  • Full HD display

Antibacterial shell is easy to clean

Resistance to medicinal alcohol, chlorhexidine, Shi Kang and other disinfectants

For nurses’ back and waist

Innovative and ergonomic design

  • 1CM


  • 2.5D

    Arc technology

Efficient management

Safe and efficient experience

Leading innovation
  • Double flashlight


  • Front camera

    Auto focus

  • Personal identity verification (PIV)

    Fingerprint login