Smart Ward Interactive Solution
Facilitate hospital information interconnection and efficient operation, Make the communication between doctors and nurses more timely and convenient.
Smart Ward Interactive Solution

At present, more than 70% of hospitals have introduced information technologies into their medical services. However, only less than 3% of hospitals have realized data interconnection. Medical big data is relatively scattered, and the isolated islands of information need to be broken.

Lachesis uses the smart ward interactive platform as the information coordination hub to break the spatial boundaries of nurse stations, corridors and wards, share patients' basic information, disease, risk factors and nursing priorities in real time, facilitate the interconnection of hospital information and efficient operation of hospitals, and make the communication among doctors, nurses and patients more timely and convenient.

  • Deep integration, real-time interaction

    Based on the B/S architecture software platform, a ward data interaction center is created to dynamically display data on each terminal screen and inform the medical staff of patients’ conditions in real time.

  • Comprehensive coverage, efficient collaboration

    Based on the ward scenarios, this solution carries more than six major medical services: nurses’ shifting of duty, daily ward management, ward monitoring, surgical progress management, pharmaceutical equipment management, etc., brings more convenience and efficiency to medical care, and allows the medical staff to communicate more timely.

  • Intelligent prediction, beforehand intervention

    This solution can quickly and comprehensively display patients’ critical risks, centrally monitor changes in patients’ conditions, and provide unified reminders and intelligent early warnings. Nurses can view the changes in the patients’ conditions in multiple scenarios and take effective actions in advance.

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