Product Manager
  • Job category: Products
  • City: Shenzhen
  • Experience: 3
  • Educational background:undergraduate
  • Date:2020-05-21

Description of Job

1、According to the company's strategy and business plan, control the product development project cycle and schedule, and effectively communicate with product related departments to promote the project;

2、Responsible for the control of prototype design, requirements documents, functional design documents, user interface and interaction design and other product design document specifications;

3、Responsible for following up user feedback, and planning optimization and landing;

4、Tap the most valuable needs through user surveys, industry surveys, product data analysis, etc., continuously optimize products, improve product quality, and increase user activity.

Job Requirements

1、Full-time undergraduate degree or above, medical or computer related major;

2、Requires product experience in the mobile medical industry (necessary conditions);

3、More than three years of work experience in medical software product managers, and experience in successful product design and operation;

4、With strong project management ability and sensitive data awareness, able to grasp and guide product demand design analysis and scenario decomposition, with strong logical ability and system planning ability;

5、Proficient in the relevant process of product interaction design, including functional analysis, user role analysis, prototype design, interface development, ease of use testing, etc.;

6、Skilled use of Axure, Visio, MindManager products and interactive design related tools;

7、Strong cooperation spirit and expression ability, able to communicate efficiently with users and development departments.

To apply, please send your resume to Note: When submitting your resume, please attach a photo and indicate the job position.
For more recruitment information, please visit the recruitment pages of Lachesis Mobile Medical located in "51 job" and "ZHAOPIN.COM".