Test Engineer
  • Job category: Software development
  • City: Shenzhen
  • Experience: 3
  • Educational background:Undergraduate
  • Date:2020-05-21

Description of Job

1、Participate in the relevant review activities of the company's software projects;

2、Formulate test plan, write test cases, build test environment, test execution and; 3. Track management and test report writing;

3、 Analyze the quality problems existing in the research and development process, and propose improvements;

4、Complete the performance testing of the company's software products;

5、Complete the test-related work temporarily assigned by the superior.

Job Requirements

1、Undergraduate or higher education, graduated from computer or related major;

2、More than 3 years of test/test development work experience, familiar with software testing theory, process, and methods, and experience in web software testing is preferred;

3、Ability to use bug management tools, such as QC, TFS, Bugzilla, Jira, etc.;

4、Be proficient in using one of the performance testing tools loadrunner or jmeter. Experience in performance testing is preferred;

5、Familiar with commonly used databases MS SQL Server, Mysql, etc., able to write scripts proficiently in SQL language;

6、Understand the android platform, and be able to use Linux basic commands proficiently;

7、Have a strong sense of responsibility, execution, logical analysis, and good communication.

To apply, please send your resume to Note: When submitting your resume, please attach a photo and indicate the job position.
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