Regional Sales Manager
  • Job category: Sales
  • City: Bejing/Shandong/henan
  • Experience: 3
  • Educational background:college
  • Date:2020-05-21

Description of Job

1、Responsible for the promotion and sales of products at the terminal, distributors and other target customers, and complete the sales tasks issued by the company;

2、Visit customers, collect and feed back product and market information, develop and maintain sales channel resources (agents and distributors) and end customer resources in the areas under their jurisdiction;

3、Fully understand the market status, reflect the situation of competitors and market dynamics to the superior supervisor in a timely manner, and make reasonable suggestions;

4、Complete other temporary work delivered by superiors.

Job Requirements

1、Age 20-40, major in medicine, biomedical electronics or marketing;

2、The medical industry background is preferred, including medicines, equipment, and medical consumables (high, middle, and low consumables, such as medical cotton swabs, operating tablecloths, anesthesia needles, etc.), etc.;

3、With more than 2 years of sales experience in medical software, equipment and consumables, clinical medical professionals can relax appropriately.

4、Have excellent expression skills, strong communication and coordination skills and judgment;

5、 Ability to self-motivate and have teamwork spirit; strong market development ability, research and analysis ability;

6、Those with certain hospital resources may be given priority.

To apply, please send your resume to Note: When submitting your resume, please attach a photo and indicate the job position.
For more recruitment information, please visit the recruitment pages of Lachesis Mobile Medical located in "51 job" and "ZHAOPIN.COM".