Lachesis has settled in China Telecom National Entrepreneurship-and-Innovation Service Base: “5G+ IoT” accelerates the development of Wise Information Technology of 120 (WIT120)

On May 15th, a press conference of "Hello 5G, Smart Shenzhen" was held by Shenzhen Telecom at the National Entrepreneurship-and-Innovation Service Base and attended by Shenzhen Vice Mayor Xu Wenhai and his party. At the press conference, Lachesis, the only WIT120 representative manufacturer invited, demonstrated innovative products supported by 5G and IoT.

Cooperation with China Telecom
Join forces in WIT120

China Telecom National Entrepreneurship-and-Innovation Service Base is one of the first batch of key projects approved, established and implemented by State Council and National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to support "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation". The base has strengthened the application of 5G and IoT in smart cities and vertical industries, and created a model for the leadership and application innovation of 5G and IoT industry. In the field of smart healthcare, 5G and IoT will be important engines that further promote the construction of smart hospitals.


The Smart Ward Integrated Solution exhibited by Lachesis has applied IoT, cloud computing, big data, AI and other intelligent technologies in wards to upgrade the hospital wards, issue early warnings in time, monitor risks in real time, make inquiries at any time, and transform post-event processing into proactive beforehand discovery, interim effective supervision and afterwards improvement and feedback.

Exhibits on display

Integrate 5G
Create an innovative smart ward

In 2019, China officially entered the 5G commercial era. As a general-purpose technology, 5G will push the world digital economy into a new stage. The application of 5G in the Smart Ward Integrated Solution will further promote the integration of IT means (e.g., IoT, big data, AI, cloud computing) with clinical medical services, and facilitate to accelerate the construction of "Healthy China" and promote the advancement of the health care industry.

High speed: More efficient medical care

By the standards of integration and unification, 5G makes the interconnection of everything faster, safer and freer. 5G network is applied to the full line of hardware and software products of Lachesis Smart Wards. The high speed of 5G will provide doctors and nurses with better user experience.

Mobile nurse station

Low latency: More timely risk prevention

The low latency feature of 5G can better support Lachesis's vital signs continuous collection and monitoring system. The Early Assessment System for Patients’ Conditions can identify patients with "emergency and severe cases” faster and issue intelligent early warnings, which will substantially upgrade the effectiveness of preventive care.

Early Assessment System for Patients’ Conditions

Large capacity: More comprehensive hospital management

The large capacity feature of 5G will further realize the interconnection of hospital data. The big data generated by the Lachesis intelligent equipment will assist hospitals to establish a hospital-wide all-business information management system covering different dimensions such as clinical care and diagnosis, operation management, decision analysis, and patient service, and enhance the overall operation and management level of hospitals.

Schematic diagram of medical IoT application scenarios

Policy support
A bright future for WIT120

5G and IoT technologies are important foundations that support national strategies such as "cyberpower" and "Made in China 2025". A number of recent national policies have mentioned the promotion of the application of 5G and IoT technologies in the healthcare industry, which has brought huge development opportunities for the WIT120 industry.

In March, NDRC and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC (MIIT) issued Notice on Organizing and Implementing New Infrastructure Construction Projects in 2020 (Broadband Network and 5G), which included the construction of 5G WIT120 systems for major public health emergencies. In May, the official website of MIIT issued Notice on Further Promoting the Comprehensive Development of Mobile Internet of Things, which mentioned the deepening of the application of the mobile IoT in WIT120 and other fields.

Under the guidance and support of national policies, relying on its background advantages as Guangdong AI and IoT Clinical Application Engineering Technology Research Center, Lachesis will join hands with Telecom to promote the further integration and innovation of 5G, IoT and medical products, explore the application scenarios of “5G private networks + big data” in the field of medical digitalization, integrate and manage hospital resources, and at the same time, to constantly improve the patients’ medical experience, enhance the efficiency of medical services, and comprehensively promote the construction of smart hospitals.

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