True Power! Lachesis is selected as "2019 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center"

Recently, the list of "2019 Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Centers" recognized by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province has been officially released, which includes “Guangdong AI and IoT Clinical Application Engineering Technology Research Center” co-built by Shenzhen Lachesis Mobile Medical Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Centers are recognized by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province with an aim to enhance the core competitiveness and development potential of advantageous industries, cultivate high-tech industries, and promote industrial restructuring and upgrading as well as sustainable economic and social development. In terms of recognition conditions, Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province requires enterprises to possess strong profitability, a sound management system, sustainable R&D investment, sci-tech innovation capabilities, patents and other independent IP rights, and technological leadership in the industry.

At this time, Lachesis's success in recognition on one hand has affirmed its industry status and technological level in the R&D of intelligent medical equipment, and on the other hand, has marked that its innovation and R&D of engineering technology have reached a higher platform in this field.

From Single Products to Integrated Solutions

Lachesis Mobile Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise that stays close to the clinical applications, provides intelligent products and services for the management of doctors, nurses, patients and hospitals, and gradually realizes the construction of smart medical services starting from smart wards. Lachesis, as a dual-soft certified enterprise and a Vice Chairman Unit of China Medical Equipment Artificial Intelligence Alliance, has been listed as Top 100 Future Healthcare Enterprises for two consecutive years, and completed 150 million yuan of B+ round financing in January 2020.

In years of development, Lachesis has focused on the clinical needs, proceeded from products, and formed a smart ward solution that integrates software and hardware in continuous exploration and innovations.

The Lachesis Smart Ward Integrated Solution covers multiple medical sub-fields of IoT and artificial intelligence applications, including intelligent clinical care, disease risk prediction, infusion management, drug and inventory management, medical research platform, etc., realizes timely reminder of early warnings, real-time monitoring of risks and inquiries at any time, and transforms post-event processing into proactive beforehand discovery, interim effective supervision and afterwards improvement and feedback.



Technology Drives Innovation

Control efficiency and safety at all times

Medical Internet of Things: Integrate “management, control and operation”

Based on the hospital IoT, Lachesis platforms for intelligent equipment and software system are applied to assist medical staff to complete tasks such as vital signs monitoring, bedside intelligent interaction, infusion management, drug and inventory management, medical staff management, and emergency dispatch. Medical staff can view the situation of the wards in real time through the intelligent display of the nurse station. This solution can actively detect risks and timely warn nurses to intervene in advance, which has guaranteed the timeliness, consistency and comprehensiveness of the acquired medical information, simplified the workflow, and improved the quality of ward management.


AI + Clinical Nursing: Delicacy management and continuous improvement

Lachesis mobile nursing work and Nurse Digital Assistant (NDA) equipped with the intelligent nursing information software system enable nurses to provide patients with better nursing services at bedside. Based on barcode scanning technology and wireless LAN, the Lachesis Intelligent Nursing Information System integrated with advanced middleware technology and connected with various business sub-information systems of hospitals can upload nursing data, warn about the critical conditions in real time, evaluate the automatic grading of bedside risks, and automatically generate nursing plans. Structured nursing document data as well as intelligent statistics and analysis of nursing big data support the analysis and decision of managers.



AI + Sign Management: Build a hospital-wide monitoring network to achieve early warning of disease hazards

Lachesis applies non-contact sensing technology, wireless transmission, IoT and other technologies to automatically collect and continuously monitor multiple vital signs of patients, and uses AI algorithms to effectively identify patients with "emergency and severe cases" in time. Lachesis Early Evaluation System for Patients’ Conditions automatically scores the severity of diseases, then displays the MEWS scores, and automatically provides medical staff with scientific treatment plans, escorting the patients' safety at all times.


AI + Infusion Management: Achieve traceability and intelligent monitoring of the entire infusion process

Lachesis Close-Loop Infusion Management System (CIMS) uses ultra-gravity sensors and Lachesis's unique patented algorithms to transmit the situation of patients’ infusion to the NDA and the LED screen at nurse stations. The system can intelligently remind the remaining fluid volume and any infusion abnormality to ensure the safety of patients' infusion, and at the same time to upgrade the quality and efficiency of infusion management. In addition, based on the statistics on real-time medication information and medication habits of specific populations and diseases, the system lays a sound foundation for establishing a precise infusion mechanism.


AI + Drug and articles management: Build a hospital-wide intelligent management platform for medicines, consumables and articles

Delicacy management of hospital drugs and consumables has always been a problem faced by hospital management. The overall planning of smart hospitals facilitates the intelligent management of medicines, articles and equipment in wards, and the construction of a hospital-wide management platform for medicines, consumables and articles. Through the management platform, hospital administrators can monitor the use of hospital drugs, consumables and items in a multi-dimensional, comprehensive and intuitive manner, better identify risks, and help the hospital establish a more complete management system for medicines, consumables and articles.


AI + Paramedical Service: Predict disease risks and assist doctors in making better decisions

Lachesis builds an integrated clinical medical-teaching-research solution to deconstruct and reorganize massive clinical data. Through cognitive algorithms, this solution can conduct in-depth mining of medical data, analyze patient files, evaluate drug efficacy, predict disease risk, retrieve accurate and efficient medical records, and assist doctors in rounds of wards, teaching and scientific research, which has improved medical quality and lowered medical risks.


Take innovation as the source

Promote the new development of the future healthcare

Engineering centers are an integral component of Guangdong's innovation system and an important part of Guangdong's innovation capability infrastructure. Taking this identification of a center as an opportunity, Lachesis will continue to focus on the research and engineering innovation of smart medical equipment, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, give full play to the role of the engineering center in R&D of engineering technology, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and gathering and training of high-end talents, and serve Guangdong's economic growth.