Equipment Dynamic Management System
Realize dynamic remote management of the entire line of equipment

Product Overview

By virtue of IoT, the system realizes the effective management, real-time tracking and maintenance support of a variety of equipment in the hospital, facilitates the unified management and maintenance of the equipment distributed in the functional departments of the hospital, and improves the efficiency and quality of management.

  • Intelligent and convenient remote management

    The equipment managers can check the running status of the equipment through the office computer, install or uninstall the program of the equipment remotely, and report any abnormality automatically.

  • Real-time tracking, efficient maintenance

    Monitor in real time, track the entire process including equipment usage, maintenance and scrapping, improve capacity utilization, and shorten the cycle of maintaining equipment.

  • Bulk operation, easy to use

    Distribute software, install software, and upgrade the system in batches, uniformly set up the equipment system, and guarantee the safe use of equipment.

Statistical analysis and chart display

Perform customized configuration, automatically generate various equipment reports, provide visual information views for the hospital, and improve the hospital's capacity of information management.