24-hour unmanned pharmacies

Self-service medicine fetching. Mixed medicine dispensing

  • Smart medicine dispensing

  • Smart diagnosis guidance

  • Automatic inventory-taking

Smart Pharmacy for Fever Clinics

Lachesis’s 24-hour unmanned pharmacies feature a number of core patented technologies and contactless self-service, reducing cross-infection between patients and pharmacists in the process of fetching medicines. This contributes to higher efficiency, fewer errors and more pharmacist resources, upgrades the overall intelligent management efficiency of hospitals, and adds another safety barrier for the prevention and control work of hospitals.


  • 24-hour unattended, accurate and efficient

    Contactless self-service medicine fetching and smart diagnosis guidance have improved patients’ experience of seeking medical advice and solved the scheduling problem of pharmacists.

  • Flexible and convenient mixed medicine dispensing

    The technology of mixed dispensing of injections and boxed tablets is supported by independent intellectual property rights. The types of medicines can be accurately identified and flexibly switched. It supports boxed tablets, injections, hospital preparations and unpacked bulk medicines and ensures accurate prescription dispensing and drug dispensing.

  • Dual cameras record the whole process of fetching medicines

    Dual cameras record the process of fetching medicines and upload it to the hospital server. The whole process can be traced.

  • Smart inventory-taking. Three-level warning management of expiry date and inventory

    Pharmacists can set the cycle and time of taking medicine inventory, manage the expiry dates of medicines, and set the number of three-level inventory warnings to ensure the safety of medicine use and the supply of medicines.

  • Smart temperature and humidity control to meet the GSP requirements

    In smart pharmacies, suitable temperature and humidity are set according to the storage requirements of medicines to meet the GSP management requirements for medicines.

  • Stable and reliable fully automatic dosing and dispensing

    Dual cameras record the process of fetching medicines and upload it to the hospital server. The whole process can be traced.

Complete information-based platform for smart drugs management

The whole hospital is connected via the internet, supported by 5G, and linked to the HIS drug management and drug supply system. The hospital-wide smart pharmacy equipment as well as the batch, expiration date, inventory, storage environment, dosing and fetching of medicines are under the unified management of the platform, assisting the decision-making of pharmaceutical administration of hospitals.


  • Smart diagnosis guidance

  • Smart medicine dispensing

  • Voice prompts

  • Automatic warehousing

  • Automatic inventory-taking

  • Automatic sterilization

  • Constant temperature and humidity

  • 24-hour monitoring


Eliminate the risk of infection among medical staff and reduce cross-infection when patients fetch medicines.