Non-Contact Intelligent Monitoring System
Early detection of risks

Integrated intelligent monitoring platform

The platform can accurately monitor patients’ heart rate, respiratory rate, and bed-out and roll-over status without making contact with patients and operating the device, intelligently predict the development of the disease, and help medical staff to detect the deterioration of the patients’ condition at an early date. In case of abnormal conditions, alarms will be issued in time to realize early warning of risks including abnormal vital signs, bed-out and pressure sores and to save lives in times of crisis.

Extremely cost-effective ICU services in general wards

The system is more cost-effective compared with traditional bedside monitoring equipment. Patients can enjoy ICU-level full-process care services in ordinary hospital rooms.

Precise and intelligent 24-hour continuous monitoring

Monitor heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement status in real time; issue alerts for risks of bed-out and pressure sores; help medical staff take actions in time.

Convenient and safe non-contact full-process monitoring

No need to make contact with the patients to acquire the sign data. No operation. More convenient to use.