Micro medicine cabinets

Get the big picture from small details

  • Precise control of medicines with various specifications

  • Smart medicine fetching

  • Automatic replenishment of medicines

Lachesis Remote Consultation

Vehicle supports 5G network applications and carries the medical record information of patients. Doctors in hospitals can push the remote consultation vehicle to the patients’ bedside so that experts can conduct consultations at the bedside of ICU/special patients. The chief physician outside hospitals can make remote ward rounds of patients via video, driving the downward movement of high-quality medical resources

Manage medicines with various specifications
and realize the precise control of every medicine

Support the safe storage and intelligent dispensing of injections, tablets, special-shaped packaged medicines and refrigerated medicines.

clinical multi-modal large screen
Intelligent interactive

Medical-grade large touch screen with sensitive response and full-process voice operation guidance.
Equipped with a high-definition camera system, face tracking detection technology, and face recognition login and access to video.


  • Authority management and hierarchical control

    Flexible identity authentication supporting multiple login methods such as face recognition, finger vein, and IC card.

    Different roles (nurses, head nurses, pharmacists, and department heads) have different permissions to fully protect medical data and achieve hierarchical management.

  • Smart medicine fetching and guidance by light display

    Linked with the HIS system. The screen automatically displays the storage location and dispensing status of the fetched medicines, and the corresponding medicine box automatically lights up on the screen.

    Intelligent error prevention. When more or fewer medicines are taken, the screen page and drawer will not be closed until the error is corrected.

  • Remote monitoring. Autonomous warning

    Monitor the batch number, expiration date, inventory, execution of medical orders, access and other conditions of pharmaceutical consumables in real-time, and automatically generate visual reports.

    Issue autonomous warnings in situations such as near expiration date or passing expiration date, medicines in low stock, illegal execution, and abnormal temperature and humidity.

  • Empty bottle recycling. Closed-loop management

    Exclusive recovery and lock of medicine boxes and one-way management and control by authorized personnel form a complete and closed management loop including the storage, fetching, use and recycling of special medicines.

  • Automatic inventory-taking and management of expiration dates

    Accurate to the complete machine, a single drawer and a pill box. Automatic inventory-taking saves manpower.

    Expired medicines are automatically locked and cannot be dispensed, fully ensuring the validity period of medicines and the safety of drug use.

  • Fast and efficient automatic replenishment of medicines

    The system generates a medicine replenishment plan and supports the automatic replenishment of dosing guns.Automatically count the number of the replenished medicines. Support the printing of the list of replenishment.

Clinical Value

The information on the process from medicine deposit to empty bottles recycling can be traced, ensuring the safety of drug use and the quality of medical care;