Intelligent Ambulance System
Smart IoT

Smart IoT Protects Your Life

The system includes the whole hospital's ambulances into the scope of information supervision and uses the IoT technology to accurately manage the quantity, locations and validity period of medicines and equipment in ambulances, which effectively solves the safety problems in the management of traditional ambulances. The regular check of medicines inventory and fast changes of shifts have improved the working efficiency of medical staff. The hospital-wide online ambulances management platform has upgraded the overall management level of the hospital.

Delicacy management of medicines and equipment

“One code for one item” facilitates the unified management of medicines and equipment in the ambulances, and ensures the safety of medication. The system issues intelligent reminders of near-expiration drugs and equipment and reduces medical risks and costs.

Check inventory intelligently and regularly

After the rescue, the system can rapidly make an inventory of the consumed medicines and equipment, generate a list of items to be added, regularly check the medicines and equipment, and rapidly change the shifts in a paperless way, whose records can be viewed at any time.

Voice broadcast assisted rescue

Adopt an innovative human-machine voice interaction design, and accurately review every oral doctor’s advice.

Issue intelligent reminder of the maximum dosage (for adults and children), and effectively ensure the safety of patients' medication.