Early Warning System for Patients’ Conditions
Early detection of potential risks

Early Warning System for Patients’ Conditions

Automatically collect and upload vital sign data through smart devices, automatically complete real-time measurement on risks of patients’ conditions, and provide nurses with programmatic and standardized report language, measures and suggestions so as to achieve early and accurate decision-making and interventions, upgrade the level of diagnosis, treatment and care, and ensure patients’ safety.

  • Automatic data collection and storage

    Apply intelligent sign data acquisition equipment to seamlessly connect with the hospital information system, and to collect, store, call and present data in real time.

  • Real-time risk assessment on sign data

    The algorithm built in the system performs statistical analysis on the main sign indicators and automatically generates results of risk assessment ranking.

  • Potential risk intelligent warning

    According to the rating results of risks of patients’ conditions, intelligent early warnings will be given to patients with conditions of risk so that medical staff can intervene in advance.

Clinical benefits
  • Be easy to operate, and enhance the efficiency of medical care

  • Objectively assess patients’ conditions, and conduct level-to-level administration of patients

  • Improve nursing quality management