Vital Sign Intelligent Collection System
Automatic transmission and transfer in one second

Product Introduction

Through medical-grade wearable devices, the system is used to monitor in real time and automatically collect the data on patient's body temperature, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram, pulse, blood pressure and other vital signs. The data is uploaded to the server of the hospital through the bluetooth IoT hub—Blue Bridge, and is automatically transcribed into nursing records, so nurses no longer need to manually enter them again. The system continuously collects information, conducts big data analysis, generates various charts, automatically issues alerts to abnormal situations, and assists in decision-making in nursing.

Medical-grade wearable device

Medical-grade high-precision sensors are used in bluetooth ear thermometers, flexible body temperature stickers, wireless oximeters, smart sphygmomanometers and other equipment to collect and automatically upload data in real time.

Continuously collect vital sign data to assist nursing decision

Analyze the big data of continuously collected information, issue automatic warning of abnormal conditions, and timely assist in nursing decisions.

Clinical benefits
  • Reduce nurses’ human error
  • No repetitive workload
  • Immediate treatment of abnormal warnings
  • Enhance the image and competitiveness of the hospital