Ward Intelligent Medicine Management System

Smart pharmacies placed in wards

  • Authority management

  • Fetch medicines as directed

  • Dispense and track every medicine

Lachesis Ward Intelligent Medicine Management System

Lachesis Ward Intelligent Medicine Management System takes the safety of medicines as the core and moves the inpatient central pharmacy to wards. This improves the efficiency of medicine management, optimizes the process of fetching medicines, and cuts down the loss of medicines. In a remote way, you can accurately track the safe storage, automated dispensing, and validity management of inventory medicines in wards.

Multi-level recognition authority management
Ensure safe access to medicines

Individual piece control of special drugs
Accurate counting of general drugs

Inventory medicines with numerous varieties and large quantities

The (standard) smart medicine cabinets can store at least 80 types of medicines

and over 5,000 pieces.

The cycle of medicines delivery in pharmacies is expanded from 24h/time to 3-7 days/time

greatly reducing the workload of drug dispensing.

Ensure safety

  • Monitor medicine
    storage environment

  • Monitor medicine expiration
    and issue early warnings

  • Synchronously linked to the hospital
    HIS system

  • Monitor the quantity
    and batches of medicines

Higher management efficiency

  • Traceability of the whole process of drug monitoring

  • Clear division of responsibilities

  • Automatic recording of inventory-in

  • Inventory-out details

  • Dispense medicines as strictly directed by doctors

  • Take medicines as directed by doctor's advice

  • Inventory warning

  • Intelligent recommended plan for medicine replenishment

Establish a virtual medicine library

Integrate relevant data such as doctor information, drug use, workload, and warning prompts; establish a virtual pharmacy, optimize medicine logistics management, and realize intelligent medicine management.