Close-Loop Infusion Management System (CIMS)
Safe drip Elaborate design


Optimize infusion process, emphasize medical quality and safety

Predict the time to withdraw needles in advance

If the bottle is not changed or the needle is not removed in a timely manner after the infusion ends, blood return is prone to occur, and the patient may be unnecessarily harmed.

Timely alarm for abnormal infusion

If the infusion dripping is too fast, too slow or even abnormally stopped, the computer terminal and mobile terminal will issue alarms to remind the nurses.


Know in advance, make overall arrangements, make intelligence more efficient

Remote monitoring

The system can remotely control the infusion conditions of all patients, facilitate nurses to arrange the work priority scientifically based on monitoring information and professional judgment, reduce frequent and inefficient movements, and improve nurses' work efficiency.


Focus on every drip. All for precision

Self-calibration at sleep mode

Wireless charging. Plug and play. Complete calibration automatically during charging.


Originated from innovative technology, perfectly integrated with the smart network

Intelligent Big Data

Statistical analysis of infusion big data can better support the arrangements of clinical work, upgrade the quality of medical services, and integrate relevant data such as infusion, drug usage, and early warnings. A new intelligent early warning mechanism is established together with bedside vital sign monitoring equipment.

Intelligent Internet of Things

Take Blue Bridge as the core, and build hospital bluetooth IoT. Blue Bridge can connect many Bluetooth devices and use wireless network technology to realize the interconnection of people, things, information and data.