Mobile Nurse Station NS735
Intelligence promotes innovations in nursing

Mobile Nurse Station NS735

Lachesis Mobile Nurse Station provides nurses with efficient and convenient mobile work. Nurses can perform various nursing operations at the bedside, track the full life cycle of doctor's advice, and complete the entry of nursing documents. The station reduces the frequency of nurses going to and from stations, improves nurses' work efficiency, reduces errors in clinical nursing, and truly takes patients as the center, thereby achieving high-quality nursing.

Come and go with ease and verve

Excellent computer performance allows nurses to perform mobile operations more smoothly. The smart-WiFi performance optimization solution advances WiFi signals, integrates WiFi seamless roaming technology, brings faster and more stable connections, and supports 2.4/5G dual frequency network. The e-Power management system saves more energy, and guarantees the continuous use of 12 hours.

Original design meets convenient operations to the maximum
One key to power on and off. More convenient and more efficient
The display rotates freely at all angles and goes up and down flexibly.
Aviation aluminum body makes it light and easy to push
One-key power-driven handbrakes. No more traditional two casters on the brake.
Close to clinics. Think what you desire
  • Drawers with waterproof design

    Imported damping guide

  • All-in-one antibacterial countertop

    Concave design prevents objects from falling

  • All-vehicle cable hidden design

    Simple but full

  • More flexible rotation with

    imported mute tangle-free casters